Hokkaido Innovation through NanoTechnology Support (HINTS) is a nanotechnology support project centered at Hokkaido University (Research Institute for Electronic Science, Catalysis Research Center, Center for Advanced Research of Energy Conversion Materials, and Research Center for Integrated Quantum Electronics) with close cooperation of Chitose Institute of Science and Technology. For many years scientists of those institutions and engineers from various fields (physics, chemistry, electronic engineering, materials science, laser engineering, biochemistry, etc) have engaged in leading edge research projects of nano-processing, nano-measurement, and nano-micro analysis conducting cutting-edge science and technology. They have also supported industry guiding the development of new nano-materials as well as the creation of new nano-devices for electronics, optics, and spintronics.

At Hokkaido University research and development of nano-devices and materials based on photonic crystal, plasmonics, and spintronics is conducted on a variety of nano-processing equipment, such as high precision electron beam lithography systems, in addition to standard nano-measurement and analysis equipment such as scanning and transmission electron microscopes. HINTS supports this kind of top-down research and development, and bottom-up related nano-technologies based on self-assembled films and the design and synthesis of catalysts with new properties. Chitose Institute of Science and Technology is well equipped for optical nanotechnology, nano-measurement and analysis and have developed unique time-resolved spectroscopy setups. HINTS is aimed at coordinating a great variety of personal experience accumulated by HINTS participants by giving all their effort and knowledge to genuinely support strategy and tactics related to new research, technology, manufacturing and development.

Hokkaido Innovation through NanoTechnology Support:HINTS

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